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Frequently Asked

Will a moving company move my technology for me?

There are usually two challenges when moving technology.

The first is simply physically moving the boxes without risking damage to them. Assuming you select a good specialist moving company, that should not be a problem.

The second challenge is disconnecting and reconnecting your systems, in the logical sense, from each other and perhaps their telecommunications connections to the outside world. In fact, disconnecting may not be the problem but reconnecting afterwards in your new location can be.

It would be sensible to involve an Information Technology specialist in this aspect of your move. If you don’t know one, experienced moving companies may be able to recommend someone to you.

Will I need to involve my own personnel in packing and loading?

Not necessarily. It depends upon your own preferences.

Most professional removal companies will be perfectly happy to provide full packing services. In reality, many would prefer to be allowed to do so because it means they will know that the items have been packed to the highest standards ready for transport.

Even in that scenario though, it may be necessary for your own employees to assist in things such as the labelling of boxes.

If you wish, you can see to all packing yourself, though typically the removals company will attend to the physical loading of their vehicle, as this is a skilled job and may also be a requirement of their insurance cover.

Note also that if you ask your employees to engage in packing and lifting as part of a removal activity, you may be putting elements of your own employer’s liability cover at risk, as such work could not be construed as being part of their normal daily legitimate duties.

Is it my responsibility to arrange for vehicular access?

Yes, though again some professional removals organisations might be able to assist through their own contacts with local authorities etc.

Ultimately though, you must ensure that the vehicle can gain a reasonably close access to your premises at both ends of your removal. You can’t really expect removals personnel to carry heavy items for hundreds of metres along the street to reach the nearest parking space they could find for their vehicle.

Will I need to pay extra if there are delays?

Potentially yes, though that depends upon the basis of your quotation.

Many moving companies will show that they have allowed a specified amount of time for your removal.

If it takes longer and that is attributable to the nature of the removal itself rather than the removals company’s estimates (e.g. you have added in significant amounts of extra items to be moved that were not covered in your original quotation) then you may need to anticipate extra cost.

Few companies though will operate on a ‘meter running’ basis and they will typically build in some contingency for unexpected delays.

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